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June 21, 2010 / bergelli

Bryn Craig: A Retrospective at the Dominican University

Gallery Bergelli is pleased to announce Bryn Craigs’ retrospective exhibition at the Dominican University. On view will be watercolors and oils from 1956 to the present. The exhibition will run from July 5th to August 27th, 2010 in the library gallery. There will be a reception for the artist on Tuesday, August 3rd from 2:30pm – 4:30pm. Please contact Gallery Bergelli for pricing information.

Long Island House, 30×40

House of 5th Avenue, 18×36
R. R. Crossing House, 48×48
Santorini, Greece, 60×48
Stop and Go, 24×28
Glacier, British Columbia, 50×36
Chimney Rock, 30×40

A Cozy Place, 24×30

Spetses, Greece, 56×50

Santa Fe Snow, 26×36
View Of The New Bridge, 62×48
San Rafael Ridge, Dawn, 60×48
Greystones, Ireland, 44×52

Umbria Patio, 16×20

Seattle Ship, 30×40
Harriett’s Living Room, 30×40
Green Valley Restaurant, 40×54
Dry Creek Early Spring, 24×36
The Cove, o/c, 36×36

The Trout Stream, 22×28

The Reading Chair, 20×24
Petaluma Dawn, o/c, 30×40
Paris Bridge, 16×20

New Mexico, 48×48
The Lovers Cove, 24×36
Fairfax Theater, 30×40
Do Not Enter, 36×24
San Rafael Theater, o/c, 40×30
Drakes’s Bay, o/c, 30×40
San Rafael Dawn, 60×72, o/c

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