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July 5, 2010 / bergelli

Arturo Mallmann reviewed in ArtNews

Mallmann depicts expansive dreamlike vistas where small and barely disernable human figures amble across blurred, nearly featurless landscapes. The distant horizons evaporate into bright white light in the center of the compositions. Portrayals of the tiny solitary figures amid the void evoke thoughts of personal struggle, but also liberation. For paintings here, Mallmann brightended his palette and experimented with various textured surfaces, making for a more visually engaging experience without altering his longtime choice of subject. He built these compositions by applying numerous heavy layers of translucent acrylics between coats of epoxy resin. Laid down more thickly than varnish, the clear resin creates an illusion of depth. Mallmann’s small human figures, painted directly onto a layer of epoxy resin, seem to float in vast open places.

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