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February 13, 2011 / bergelli

Chilean Artists Group Show

Gallery Bergelli

Gallery Bergelli

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New work by Chilean Artists

Ferbruary 12 – March 9

Jose Basso
Giancarlo Bertini
Carlos Catasse
Gomez Hassann
Alberto Ludwig
Lorenzo Moya

Image: Jose Basso
3 Barcos en la Bahia
oil on canvas
36×24 inches

Gallery Bergelli presents Chilean Artists Group Show, an exhibition of paintings by Jose Basso, Giancarlo Bertini, Carlos Catasse, Gomez Hassan, Alberto Ludwig, Lorenzo Moya. The work is on view from Ferbruary 12 through March 9, 2011.


Jose Basso
By the End of Winter

oil on canvas
20×24 inches

Jose Basso was born in Chile in 1949. He graduated in Arts at the University of Chile, where he has taught since 1978.

Basso portrays dramatic scenes of his environment in a minimal yet splendid style. His landscapes represent the house as a solitary shelter, offering security yet reminding us of threats to life and individual freedoms.

He has been the recipient of many awards and honors. His work has been widely exhibited in fine art galleries and museums in South America, Europe, Africa, and the U.S.


Giancarlo Bertini
Sin Titulo

oil on canvas
22×30 inches

Bertini was born on January 3, 1973, near Quilpue, Chile, place of the turtledoves. He spent his adolescence in the semi-urban territories that surround his native Quilpue. This area was formerly made up of country fields, and during his youth, underwent a transformation to industry. The country fields are no longer predominant. His memories of those square, rectangular, and isolated patches of land, are manifest in his work. Man is small, may be depicted as a remembered silhouette, or is an ethereal floating figure. These figures are insignificant in size. It is the surroundings that have power.

Bertini’s work has been exhibited in South America, Mexico, and the United States. He has won many awards, including first place in the Salon Regional de Arte, Galeria Municipal de Valparaiso.


Carlos Catasse

acrylic on canvas
40×32 inches

Carlos Tapia Sepulveda, best known in the art world as Carlos Catasse, was born on October 25, 1944 in Santiago, Chile and died on January 19, 2010 died in Quito, Ecuador. Catasse has given to contemporary and avant-garde painting a special mark, a stamp, distinctiveness. He is a magician of color who captivates and thrills. His look is penetrating, stirring, and pierces space, sending a powerful message with form and color. While always in his own Latin American style, in his paintings you also observe a subtle homage to the great artists of long ago. Technique, craftsmanship, and a keen knowledge of landscape and its perspective, forms his inspiration.

In Catasse’s female portraits, women out of time and out of historical context look from their hidden faces as ghosts lost in the dusk and transfigured by the light, emanating a mysterious presence, made up of memories. Each figure is simplified and stylized, the non-existing looks that have lost their personality, have become universal.

Catasse has won many awards including the National Painting Prize of Ecuador. Museum collections containing his work include the Latin American Museum of Art in Havana, Cuba, the Larres Drawing Museum in Aragon, Spain, and the Contemporary Art Museum in Cuenca, Ecuador.


Gomez Hassan

oil on canvas
24×20 inches

Manuel Gomez Hassan, painter and illustrator. Born in Santiago on October 16, 1924. Hassan studied at the School of Fine Arts at the University of Chile, where he was a pupil of Gregorio de la Fuente in the art of mural department and Gustavo Carrasco Drawing. Among his teachers was also Humberto Martínez González.

In his landscapes of fishing creeks, still lifes, compositions and naked human figure, dominates the geometric organization with characteristic features great balance achieved by vigorous expressionistic brushstrokes.


Alberto Ludwid
Ode Valparaiso (Pablo Neruda study)

oil on canvas
30 by 40 inches

Albert Ludwig Urquhart, painter. He was born on December 23, 1926 in Valparaiso, Chile and died in the same city on June 21, 2010.

He studied at the School of Fine Arts at the University of Chile between 1948 and 1954. Took private lessons with the painter Benito Rebolledo Correa.


Lorenzo Moya
La Mujer de el Sofa

oil on canvas
16 by 20 inches

Lorenzo Moya was born in Santiago, Chile in 1967. He studied architecture before devoting himself to art. He received his degree in art from the University of Chile.

His style is quintessentially Latin. Mystical figures are superimposed. Mysterious landscapes and theatrical architecture display seemingly contradictory states of dreaming and reality. His surrealistic scenes serve as stage sets for the mind. Certain objects are recurring – the table with a white linen cloth, the narrow streets with light streaming out from doorways, and outdated ships, planes, or cars, waiting. In Moya’s world, all is waiting for something to happen. Trails and urban landscapes are wrapped in the magic of the unexpected. Light and water are important elements – his paintings are pleas to safeguard the planet. According to Moya, “Painting light is impossible. It’s like painting an angel.” His work proves otherwise. Women are prominent in many of his paintings – strong, larger than life, but graceful. They are enmeshed in the scene, with the sea or land visible through their skirts.

His work has been exhibited in the U.S., South America, and Central America.

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