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November 26, 2011 / bergelli

New Works by Jennifer Li for the Holidays!

These amazing etchings were created by Jennifer Li specifically for showing at Gallery Bergelli. They were made using an interesting process described here by Jennifer Li herself:

These charming original works combine the venerable techniques of etching and oil painting, with a modern twist. I create solarplate etchings of my original images, using hand applied and wiped organic sepia ink. I make small editions of these etchings, one at a time on 100% rag paper on a hand-cranked press. When the ink is dry, I isolate the paper with rabbit skin glue, and then paint the image with oil paint. Each version of these painted etchings is unique and original. The colors are vibrant and velvety, the materials are archival – all have been in use for centuries.

Visit the gallery to see these works in person!

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